Promote Your Electrician Business with Proven Web Marketing Strategies

June 27th, 2017

If you don’t see your company’s website listed on the first page of search engine, you are probably losing business to other electrician contractor and electricians. Frisco Web Solution can certainly help! We have proven experience helping electricians boost organic search visibility, traffic, leads and sales. With thousands of self-proclaimed “SEO experts”, it can be hard to differentiate fact from fiction. At Frisco Web Solutions, we offer complete transparency and services backed by tangible data.

3 key things your website will need to rank above other electricians include:

►  Our website code required to be convenient for search engines to find, read, index and rank.

►  Your offsite factors must be optimized to strengthen your site’s authority.

►  Your onsite content must establish your company as an authority in the electrical industry.

SEO Process

#1 Extensive Website Tracking & SEO Audit

You cannot make the most of what you do not precisely measure. We market clients’ businesses as if we own them ourselves. So as to offer you with intelligent decisions about your advertising, marketing, SEO and website, we must first look at your marketing the same was a great CFO would look at your financials. The majority of SEO providers show off traffic and rankings. Guess what? Neither of these metrics matter if you are not experiencing augment in profit, revenue and booked jobs from organic searches.

A typical SEO audit includes:

►  Analysis and evaluation of your company’s presence online – social media, linkscape, and more

►  Analysis and evaluation of your website code, structure, and content

►  Competitor analysis

►  Keyword research and identification

►  Analytics and SEO software implementation

►  A business intake so that our account managers see your business from an owner’s perspective

#2 Fundamental Improvements

Armed with the data derived from the SEO audit process, the second step in the SEO process is to make any fundamental progresses needed to facilitate your ongoing SEO success. To rank well on Google, you will certainly require well-optimized onsite content. However, if your website is not coded and structured appropriately, the search engines will never see the wonderful content you create. If code and site structure concerns are recognized while SEO audit process, it must be fixed prior to any content optimizations are done.

Albeit every situation is unique, typical foundation improvements include things like revising your website’s title & meta tags, renaming several web pages, providing the website files a more logical structure, progressing the website speed (load speed is a key ranking factor), enhancing the local SEO by creating more geographically relevant content, and also recoding the website onto a CMS (Content Management System).

#3 Content Creation & Marketing

With the right foundation in place, and armed right keywords, the updating the content on the website and when necessary, create new website pages is the next step in the SEO process. Contrary to what you might think, Google does rank websites – it ranks Web Pages. Each page of content on the website provides you a prospect to rank for a particular set of relevant keywords.

It might be helpful to think of your website as if it were a fishing boat and each page of content is like a baited line thrown into the internet sea of fish. More lines in the water, pages on the website, equals more fish, visits, leads & sales. The content must be targeted top keywords, however, it also must establish your company as THE authority for the electrical services you offer.

#4 Optimization of Off-site Factors

Optimizing the overall footprint on the internet is the ultimate step in the SEO process. Just think of links from other authoritative websites (local chambers of commerce, or manufacturer’s pages) as votes of authority or digital recommendations. More links from high-authority sites equals more search engine visibility.

However, you must make out that not every link is created equal. Getting links with the purpose to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithms is prohibited and doing so can get your website barred from the search rankings. The correct way to magnetize links to your website is to earn them by creating exclusive and outstanding content, which is truly valuable to your prospective clients.

Feel free to get connected today to explore how SEO specialists at Frisco Web Solutions can help your electrician business grow with SEO!

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies For Plumbing Business

May 31st, 2017

If you own a plumbing business, you understand just how imperative it is to find valuable customers. However, flyers on a park bench and newspaper ads won’t simply get you the required business. Internet marketing, on the other hand, can facilitate your plumbing business locate new clients, highlight customer testimonials, and spread the word about special promotions.

Here are some effective strategies to market your plumbing business online:

Active Social Media Presence

To interact with existing and prospective customers through informative posts like blogs or any other content, social media like Twitter or Facebook serves to be a wonderful channel. Not only does social media share your content with your connections, but their connections as well, which makes it a channel that can reach hundreds of people at a time.


A website should be more than a place where your customers can find a list of services and your contact. Offering practical information and tips is the perfect platform. Posting informative blogs regularly will help to build trust with the customers, which is crucial for a strong business/customer relationship.

Long-Form Content

It should be the top priority of the internet marketing strategy to-do list if you’ve never published long-form content. It helps to rank the page higher in search results, which is crucial to get site traffic. Consider writing a long-form content that includes a glossary of common terms used by plumbers and in-depth definitions of each. Or, create a write-up on preventing common plumbing issues or anything else related to the same.

Monthly Newsletter

Provide your prospectives with special plumbing deals through email newsletters in addition to informational, practical content. Newsletters are a great place to provide monthly promotions, which is a promising way to thank customers for either being or considering your service.

If you need a hand getting your internet marketing campaigns up and running successfully, get connected with SEO expert in your area.

Effective Small Business Internet Marketing Strategy To Get Your Phone Ringing

April 28th, 2017

Every time we highlight an industry that can benefit from local internet marketing services and several easy steps to follow to get your phone ringing for more sales inquiries. This time we are focusing at SEO strategies for plumbing business.

Consistent Citations

The importance of consistent citations to local businesses cannot be emphasized enough. This includes the same name, address and phone number (NAP) mentioned across the web. An error in your contact number or a spelling error in your address can send signals to search engines about the reliability of your company, knocking you down the plumber SEO rankings. The most scalable way of achieving this is to create business directory listings that are based around your niche and locality.

Geo-Targeting the webpages around the location

After creating your plumber website it may be that your site only targets a broader city of where you’re based. This is fine, but also means that you may not be as optimized for very local searches within smaller towns within that region. So how do you show up for very local searches within your city?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Base a case study of work you did in these locations. Include the plumbing problems you solved, testimonials from your customers, and photos of the job.
  2. A history of waterworks within a specific region. Who supplies the water in that region? Is it soft or hard water? The average cost of water bills, etc.
  3. If you have staff who live in a particular town, conduct an interview with them about what they love so much about that town.

Get Social Now

You need to setup your social media profiles across the big four, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Then you need to start gaining followers that are a blend of spokespeople in your industry and potential customers who can catapult your company message throughout the digital stratosphere.

Think about the types of questions consumers are asking about plumbing and search for these across the platforms. Like on Twitter search “need a plumber”, “plumbing tips”, and “plumber help” and reply to the types of queries users need help with.

In the age of the gift economy free plumbing advice can reap fantastic rewards for future call outs in your local area. As a plumber your time is precious, so using some automation and scalability will save you a lot of time and hassle.

It’s fair to say we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg on how to promote your plumbing company on a local level, but these plumber SEO tips are sure to set you up for greater things to come.

Be sincere and helpful and the inquiries will come!

How To Promote Dental Business Online

March 16th, 2017

First Place Is Everything

Do you have a practice website? Is it listed on the first page of Google search results? If not, you probably need professional Search Engine Optimization services. Gone are the days when all you needed was a Yellow Pages’ full-page advertisement to attract new patients. But, today, all you need is to rank on top of Google search results for the same, as most of the people search for information on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the highly result-oriented strategies for online marketing that helps to augment any website’s visibility on a search engine like Google, for a specific set of keywords such as “dental implants San Jose” or “dental veneers Los Angeles”. This is what actually makes it convenient for people searching for dentists to get connected with you. All you need is to invest in professional services to rank your website higher; the two go hand in hand.

Consistent work on SEO tactics and monitoring is required to preserve the search result rankings on top because there is no such thing like a one-time push to work out for the web presence issues. For instance, would you ever tell the patients they just need to see you only once for a cleaning? No, to keep up the most favorable oral health, you would insist on the significance of regular dental visits. It is no different with promoting the business online.

It is intricate to analyze and interpret SEO. You will certainly need to get connected with an SEO expert to get professional advice to promote your dental business online!

What is Responsive Website? And why your business needs one!

November 8th, 2016

Every business requires a website that is quick loading, easily accessible on any device-laptop, desktop or mobile and full of informative information. You will find it all at one place if you hire a web design company to get a responsive website for your business.

What Is Responsive Website?

A responsive website, in layman language, is a website that is specially designed to be accessible from any device, whether computer or mobile phone. These sites are tailored load quickly on any screen at any resolution to provide the user an instant access to the customers.

Content & SEO Are Crucial

A responsive website is not all about web design but also includes content and search engine optimization. The  more content you provide on your site, the truly indispensable your visitors will be. They will learn the benefits of ordering goods and services from you, rather than from your competitors.  Meanwhile, optimizing your website with the latest SEO techniques will help you get good search engine results.

It means that when any customer put in a search for services or products related to your business, your website will show up higher in the results.  The key is uploaded more informative content and follow white-hat SEO techniques to get scalable results.

Why Do You Need Responsive Website ?

Whether you run an organization or a startup solely managed by you, the more responsive your website is, the higher your chances of getting more customers. At the initial stage, you will need all help that SEO and responsive website design can offer.

A responsive website can give your business an edge, not in search engine results, but in other areas as well. Today, the majority of customers browse the internet on their smartphones, and if you’re site cannot perfectly fit the screen of their device, you will not get any attention or sales.


The sooner you get a responsive website for your business, the sooner your business will reach a new level of productivity and profitability.

Why Has Google Removed AdSense Ad Limit?

September 8th, 2016

Google has recently revised its AdSense ad limit policy and removed the restriction on the amount of ads publisher can place on one page.  Currently, AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units, three link units and up to two search boxes.

Earlier, the publisher may not place more than one “large” ad unit per page.  Here, “large” ad unit is a size similar to 300 x600 format.  Google has completely removed the section titled ‘Valuable inventory’ which cautions site owners not to let the amount of ads on a page more than the amount of actual content.  This giant search engine has removed the restriction for following prominent reasons:

#Improve We Content

One main reason behind this change is to create a better balance between quality content and advertising. Before, Ad publishers get around the ad limit by breaking the content down into multiple pages using slideshows. Removing the limit will encourage less slide-show based content, which everyone hates.

#Encourage Publishers to Test Ad Unit

Google has introduced new mobile-friendly ad units. The reason behind this is- publishers are hesitant to test new ad units. They do not want to give up any ad units that are currently in place. If they remove one of the ad units they are currently using, it could potentially lead to a loss of revenue.

#Making Advertisers Happy

Companies that are paying to advertise via mobile-friendly ad units are not receiving a high ROI if publishers are not utilizing the ads. Mid-size publishers are the backbone of the internet.

Must Have Small Business Website Features

August 1st, 2016

The success of business, big or small depends on many things. Beyond the product or service you offer, establishing yourself as an online brand can go a long way towards building your customer base and generate revenue. If you want to use your website a marketing blueprint, there are some important features must be present in your site.

Domain Name

You domain name must represent your product or service. Avoid lengthy names, hard to spell. Although, it will not affect SEO but provide great potential for misspelling.

Great Navigation

The navigation system of your website plays an integral role in user experience. Therefore, your navigation system for top and bottom must be easy, quick and friendly. You can include footer navigation and breadcrumb navigation to make it easier for users to browse through your website.

Smartly Placed Call to Action

You must locate CTA in the header and footer of each page apart from inserting in the web content. You can provide your phone number or email ID as CTA, but do not forget to accompany it with brightly colored box.

Mobile friendly Design

Mobile friendly, also known as responsive web design an essential element as majority of people browse, research information, make reservations and shop on mobile phone. Furthermore, search engines also offer added advantage to websites with responsive designs.

E-mail Sign up

Email sign up button will help you collect email addresses for lead generation. You should locate email sign up on every page. Include sign up CTA across your content for maximum impact.

Clean design, comprehensive fonts, navigation system, easily accessible contact information and quality content are some basics that every website must have.

Bottom Line, if a customer lands on your website, and does not have a positive experience, he/ she will move on.

Get Terrific Local Exposure with Reviews, Citations and Local Events

July 1st, 2016

Local businesses have faced significant changes due to the Google Pigeon update. You indeed have all reasons to panic, as you are not finding your business on Google at the position it was earlier, but there are still ways through which you can recover your position through local reviews, citation, and other local SEO tactics.

Just because things have changes, does not mean stuff you have been doing before is not relevant. Best practice always work, and therefore, you should stick to the following traditional local SEO tactics:

• Manage local listing
• Have an engaging social media presence
• Use traditional on-page tactics
• Get listed on Google My Business
• Listing on local directories

When you are being listed on local directories, make sure you optimize your profile and get reviews. It is highly advisable to collect email addresses, as this is one of the best ways to reach out your target audiences.

Get Positive Feedbacks

Take list of your customers, and feel free to contact them, and guide them where you want them to provide feedback. Using directories for local promotion always make sense because directories tend to rank higher in results than anything else. Again, ensure that you have enough amounts of reviews in every listing you are on.

Promote local event

You can host or participate any relevant local business and promote it online to not only get more foot traffic to your local store, but also build online reputation. Use proper hash tags to give your visitors the opportunity to further success of your event. Help people spread the word and promote your business.

Common Advertising Mistakes that Small Businesses Make

May 17th, 2016

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business, big or small. Small business usually has limited resources, and niche target, therefore, requires right marketing strategy, resource, and determination. Here are some common advertising mistakes that small businesses often make and you should avoid:

#Over Promotion

Small businesses think that they should be all over the place to kick start the sales. So, they join every social network job board, manage their website, blog, apart from following traditional marketing practices. It could be a big mistake. Small Businesses should choose their marketing place based on their strengths, and how they want their brands perceived.

#No website Update

It is imperative to keep your online profile updated because it informs your customers that you are in business. If you have a blog section on the website, keep that updated.

#Overselling On Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are two social media giants that could help generate leads. You should provide your Facebook followers with compelling content related to your business, instead of overselling your products online. People are less likely to engage with a sales copy and in order to get the right balance in your updates, try the 80/20 formula i.e. 80 % should be social and 20% will be promotional.

# Believing product or service is so good that it should sell itself!

Indeed, some products and services are so good and strong that they could sell themselves. But, it is not until people know about them.

E-commerce SEO Marketing Tips for e-Entrepreneurs

April 4th, 2016

Online shopping is not uncommon now, and hence, lots of shopping sites are available to meet your every requirement. Indeed, you can generate tremendous revenue only, but how if customers cannot find you? SEO is important for your eCommerce store to improve visibility and help you rank high in search engines. The higher the rank, the more traffic get driven to your store.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ e-commerce marketing strategy. Store owners have to meticulously access their site to build custom SEO strategy and action plan to get traffic to their sites.

Here are crucial e-commerce SEO marketing tips:

Don’t Rely on Pay Per Click Totally

Many eCommerce sites invest huge on PPC to create visibility for their store. The truth is that PPC costs continue to go up and once you stop, your online presence will disappear. So, you cannot solely depend on PPC strategy and must include organic SEO practices to sustain your online visibility.

Must Not Use Duplicate Content

Search engines just hate duplicate content. Since, many online stores have a large amount of duplicate content such as product descriptions, lists, etc., they tend to get penalized by search engines.

Build a Robust Content Strategy

Consistently adding high quality, unique content on a regular basis to your online store will not only give you the high ranking but also add value for users. Always use content that is related to products and services that you sell. For instance, if you’re providing products or services to a specific city like San Jose, or cover a state like Bay Area, you must develop content based on targeted geographic area to connect with your potential customers.

Optimize Product Images

You should add related keywords into ALT tags of every image of your online store. Make sure that every keyword you use for an image is directly related. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Upload Unique Meta Description for Every Page

During onsite optimization, many eCommerce marketing professionals think that it’s fine to use same meta descriptions for every page. It’s anti-search engine. These descriptions should be written for humans with an aim to help your store get clicked once it shows up in search engines.

Bonus Tip

If you offer discount vouchers, coupon codes, etc., go ahead, and promote them on coupon sites and forums as well. It will help you with creating free links to your store, and can also get sales.