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(408) 874-5254, (877) 249-1497

1278 Alma Court, San Jose, CA 95112


SEO Services

Blending Expertise And Technology To Offer SEO Solutions That Deliver Results

Search Engine Optimization will help you rank on Page-1 of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) naturally for the services you offer. Organic Page-1 results are considered most authoritative. Enjoy targeted traffic and high ROI as customers tend to go with service providers who rank on Page-1 of search engines naturally. Convert browsers into customers with Frisco Web Solution’s proven services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website Search Engine friendly such that it ranks higher in natural search engine results (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc) for the specific keywords or search terms that are related to your business. e.g if you run a dental clinic in San Francisco, you would want to show up High on Google Page-1 if someone is searching for “Dentist in San Francisco”.

Natural Listing vs Sponsored Listings

Studies have shown that 70% or more of all search engine users prefer clicking on the “natural” results in the main left portion of the search engines (versus the sponsored listings found on the right). We can help you gain the natural positioning. This is our core expertise and we do it day and night 24×7. If you are curious to see how many people are searching for a company like yours on a monthly basis, and would like to assess where your company ranks, we can help.

We can provide free key phrase research on the search terms that describe your specific products and/or services, as well as a competitive analysis and our personal recommendations on what you should do to better capture this highly qualified traffic.

SEO Process

Frisco Web Solution’s SEO practice is based on years of experience and proven techniques that has helped multiple corporations, online shops and small business owners achieve Page-1 ranking.

Our SEO process is based on four core areas of Search Engine Optimization:

1. Keyword Research – Keywords that are targeted and most relevant for your business. Keyword research is based on competitive
analysis and your offerings to ensure that we have highest conversion and ROI.
2. On-Page Optimization (Tags & Architecture) – Meta Tag Optimization, Sitemaps, Crawl Errors, Search Engine Compliance
3. On-Page Optimization (Content) – Inclusion of targeted keywords, Content Optimization, Keyword Density
4. Off-Page Optimization – Content Distribution and Link Building

As part of the SEO process, we work closely with the customer, get regular feedback on the number and quality of leads that customer is receiving. The SEO campaign is constantly fine tuned based on feedback.


Search Engine Optimization campaign cost is determined based on two factors:

1. On Page Optimization Effort – Whereas the On-Page Optimization process remains same, the magnitude of effort increases or decreases based on whether the website was designed keeping SEO in mind, HTML vs Custom (php etc) vs CMS driven website, number of keywords to be targeted etc. Bigger and more complicated websites tend to take up more on-page effort compared to simple small business static HTML websites.

2. Off Page Optimization Effort – The off page optimization work consists primarily of link building. Search Engines rank the website based on how many relevant incoming links are coming to the website. Some of the top ranking websites keep on doing Link Building to ensure that they can rank higher or maintain there current Search Engine rankings. While the On-Page effort would not drastically vary from website to website. It is the off-page effort that determines the pricing of one project vs other.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you reach the targeted audience through organic search engine results. Relevant clicks help convert clicks into sales, hence your ROI.

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