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(408) 874-5254, (877) 249-1497

1278 Alma Court, San Jose, CA 95112


Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing To Mark Your Presence In Neighborhood

Google Local Marketing can help a local business reach out to prospects in his city or target business area. For maximum visibility, the business should show up High in Google Maps, Google Organic Results as well as Pay Per Click.

Google Local Marketing can be categorized into three prime categories:

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

2. Local / Map Optimization

3. Organic Results Optimization

Pay Per Click Advertising:

Google’s Pay Per Click advertising helps a local business owner to advertise in the local market. The business ads appear in the Top-3 sponsored as well as on the right hand side of natural (oraganic listings). It has been noticed that the Top-3 sponsored listings have a relatively high rate of clicks compared to the right hand side advertisements. The Top-3 sponsored listing is based on relevancy to search term, performance (measured based on Click Through Rate (CTR) i.e how many people click on your ads each time it is displayed) and bid amount i.e amount we are ready to pay to be on Page-1.

Local / Map Optimization:

Google terms this listing as Google Places. Google Places (Map) shows up when a user is searching for a service within a geographic location e.g Auto Tinting in Santa Clara, CA. Google Places brings in a lot of value as the user can directly see the business location in the map as well as read reviews to get a fair understanding of your business and offerings. Similar to organic listings, Local Listings are also free listings because they involve no click through fees. The criteria for ranking is based on a number of considerations: search engine optimization, Listing Optimization, Relevancy etc.

Organic Results Optimization:

Google’s organic, or natural, listings are achieved by key factors such as internal (on-page) optimization efforts including making your web site search engine friendly and providing quality content as well as external optimization efforts such as link building. It is estimated that 70% of users prefer to click on these results versus the sponsored listings on the right.

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