Profitable Web Marketing Strategies To Boost Law Business

Crafting a digital marketing approach for Law businesses requires an understanding of what marketing tactics are available and how they all go together. When it comes to digital marketing you know that certain tactics and strategies can be more effective in one industry than in another. Working as a web marketing company for years now, Frisco Web Solutions, we have seen thousands of websites, hundreds of social media strategies and countless online advertising plans to understand what factors work best for a given industry.

Let’s discuss the essential internet marketing tools that every law firm should be utilizing. It has amazed us how different industries can benefit exclusively by slightly tweaking their digital marketing approach. We thought it would be nice to hone in one vertical and some first-hand pointers that we have seen work really well. Here are some web marketing tips, tricks and tools for law industry.

Incorporate strong calls-to-action on your legal website

Calls-to-action tell people what you want them to do when they arrive on your website. This eliminates the guess work for your visitors, and can perk up your conversation rate optimization. Find out the most significant action people can take on your website. Do you want them to call the firm or would you prefer that they fill out a contact or lead generation form?

Once you know how you would like to be contacted, make sure it is easy for prospective clients to contact you via this approach of communication.

FAQ pages are a wonderful asset for legal websites

You may be a lawyer but not everyone is. The legal process and the plethora of different lawyers available can make any individual’s head spin. An FAQ page can do its intended purpose and offer answers to commonly asked question, but there is another benefit – you can use these pages to add a lot of rich keywords that explain what individuals are actually looking for as well as the technical terms.

Offering a mix of legal jargon with the terms your clients are actually using can give you more chances to get found in the search engines. Since consumers don’t always know legal speak, they don’t search for that either, especially in a very specialized practice area.

Start blogging

One of the ideal ways to showcase your talents, cases, expertise, and successes is “Blogging”. The legal world is always changing and to be able to point customers to legal news, testimonials and other information, a blog platform is a wonderful way to do so. A blog can also be easily shared through social media channels and RSS and give you an edge over your competitors by being an authority in your niche practice areas. Moreover, it could also be a fun outlet to talk about your passion for law.

In addition, there are a ton of legal content writing opportunities to let you to guest blog on other websites which will help with quality backlinks and showcasing your authority on a particular legal topic.

Build your Google+ Local presence

Make sure your consumers can find you on the Google map and in the search engines. It is free to add your business to Google+ Local and will give you the opportunity to be found for local searches, which is a majority of the searching that is done, especially for mobile searches (upwards of 50% of search on a mobile device is said to be with local intent as announced by Google+). Keep in mind that there should be one Google+ Local per lawyer as well as firm profile. Get on Google+ Local now!

Optimize your content with targeted local & practice area keywords

To perk up your local SEO make sure your website has keywords that target the geographic regions your firm services. For instance, if you are an intellectual property lawyer in San Jose, include “San Jose intellectual property law” and it’s variations in your titles, H1s, and page copy content. On the directions or “About” page on your site, also list out the surrounding towns and cities you reach.

Submit your site to law and local directories

Gain some quality backlinks and referral traffic by adding your website to legal-specific directories online.

Local Directories

►  Chambers – To get the word out, even more, join the local chambers of commerce, professional organizations, associations and memberships in the area to form strong relationships with other like-minded business professionals, provide networking opportunities and a source of traffic to your website with strong, quality links on .org sites.
►  Local online guides in your service region – If you are a lawyer in San Jose area, a good website to be on would be’s “San Jose lawyers” page. This can send you direct traffic and provide a quality link on a page rich in local legal terms.

Sponsor events

Not only are you helping your community and getting your brand out in the public, there is also an opportunity to get link backs from the organizations you are helping. If you or anyone on your Board is supporting a local charity or event, ask for a link on their site. This could be a very valuable backlink.

Get a mobile website

There is a good chance that your next client is not just searching for a lawyer from the desktop. People have started using their Smartphone and tablet on-the-go to find information about local businesses. In fact, individuals search for the term “personal injury lawyer” almost 500,000 times every month from their mobile device.

Simply imagine what happens when they land on your website and it is not optimized for their mobile device – that’s right, they will certainly go back to Google and visit one of your competitor’s website. Get a responsive website and get more traffic!

Are you interested in discovering more about how web marketing can boost leads and generate revenue for your law business? Frisco Web Solutions understands what it takes to drive results and get your law firm the results you deserve. Get connected today to explore more about our personalized digital marketing plans.

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