Why Has Google Removed AdSense Ad Limit?

Google has recently revised its AdSense ad limit policy and removed the restriction on the amount of ads publisher can place on one page.  Currently, AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units, three link units and up to two search boxes.

Earlier, the publisher may not place more than one “large” ad unit per page.  Here, “large” ad unit is a size similar to 300 x600 format.  Google has completely removed the section titled ‘Valuable inventory’ which cautions site owners not to let the amount of ads on a page more than the amount of actual content.  This giant search engine has removed the restriction for following prominent reasons:

#Improve We Content

One main reason behind this change is to create a better balance between quality content and advertising. Before, Ad publishers get around the ad limit by breaking the content down into multiple pages using slideshows. Removing the limit will encourage less slide-show based content, which everyone hates.

#Encourage Publishers to Test Ad Unit

Google has introduced new mobile-friendly ad units. The reason behind this is- publishers are hesitant to test new ad units. They do not want to give up any ad units that are currently in place. If they remove one of the ad units they are currently using, it could potentially lead to a loss of revenue.

#Making Advertisers Happy

Companies that are paying to advertise via mobile-friendly ad units are not receiving a high ROI if publishers are not utilizing the ads. Mid-size publishers are the backbone of the internet.

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