Why Make Your Website Responsive? Top Benefits of Responsive Website Design

With more people using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, it has become increasingly important to create a website that works across multiple platforms. Smartphones and tablets have changed the approach to design and user experience. To improve the experience of users and get better search results, the need for responsive web design has come into play.

Responsive web design is an innovative approach of laying out and coding your website in such a way that navigation, readability and browsing experience of the user is not hampered, across a wide variety of devices ranging from desktops to mobiles. A responsive website re-adjusts its various elements such as screen-layouts, text, images, audio/video players and other UI themselves when opened on a variety of devices.

Easy to Manage
Responsive websites get various SEO benefits. As responsive website has one URL and same HTML, therefore, it makes it easier and efficient for Google to crawl, index and organize content. Whereas, efforts of Google get doubled when you have a separate mobile site which has a different URL and HTML than the desktop website.

Easy to Share
Another advantage is that, as content is live on the website and there is only one URL, therefore it becomes easy for the users to share and post links. When you are making a consolidated responsive website, it will get the attention of the Google, which will direct huge masses of customers back to your website. On the other hand, maintaining two different websites, one for desktop and other for mobiles will produce different links, which might not get Google attention (because of link duplicity).

Larger Conversion Rates
If you are selling more of your products and services online, means you are converting more. If your potential customers are making purchases through the use of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, then your conversions are increasing. Consequently, you could see an upward shift in your top line. Moreover, users will have a great experience on your website, if it has a responsive website design.

Improved Usability
When a user navigates to your website and immediately come back to the Google search results, then Google makes a note that your website might not be the best choice for that search term. Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly, 61% users will return back to Google search results to find a website that is easily readable. Consequently, it will increase bounce rates and drop your rankings. Therefore, to provide improved usability to the web users, you need to have a mobile friendly website.

Improved Link Building
A responsive website will have the backlinks of your original site, despite competing for mobile visitors. And, as mobile usage increases and webmasters initiate connecting to mobile sites, your backlinks from both mobile and desktop sites will unite to form a stronger backlink profile.

A responsive web design gives you a guarantee of improved search results, increased bounce rates and increased sales. Therefore, if you have not yet made your website responsive, make it today!

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