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(408) 874-5254, (877) 249-1497

1278 Alma Court, San Jose, CA 95112


Must Have Small Business Website Features

Must Have Small Business Website Features

The success of business, big or small depends on many things. Beyond the product or service you offer, establishing yourself as an online brand can go a long way towards building your customer base and generate revenue. If you want to use your website a marketing blueprint, there are some important features must be present in your site.

  •  Domain Name

You domain name must represent your product or service. Avoid lengthy names, hard to spell. Although, it will not affect SEO but provide great potential for misspelling.

  • Great Navigation

The navigation system of your website plays an integral role in user experience. Therefore, your navigation system for top and bottom must be easy, quick and friendly. You can include footer navigation and breadcrumb navigation to make it easier for users to browse through your website.

  • Smartly Placed Call to Action

You must locate CTA in the header and footer of each page apart from inserting in the web content. You can provide your phone number or email ID as CTA, but do not forget to accompany it with brightly colored box.

  • Mobile friendly Design

Mobile friendly, also known as responsive web design an essential element as majority of people browse, research information, make reservations and shop on mobile phone. Furthermore, search engines also offer added advantage to websites with responsive designs.

  • E-mail Sign up

Email sign up button will help you collect email addresses for lead generation. You should locate email sign up on every page. Include sign up CTA across your content for maximum impact.

Clean design, comprehensive fonts, navigation system, easily accessible contact information and quality content are some basics that every website must have.

Bottom Line, if a customer lands on your website, and does not have a positive experience, he/ she will move on.