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Are You Making These SEO Mistakes?

Are You Making These SEO Mistakes?

In this highly competitive world, it has become extremely important for businesses to make their websites rank high on the search engines to grab the attention of the potential web users. If your website does not appear in the first page results, you may miss out hundreds of customers who might be looking for products and services like yours. These days, most of the businesses hire professional internet marketing companies to improve the visibility of their websites in the search engine results. But, SEO is not a simple process as it seems to be. Google keeps on updating its algorithms to improve the experience of the users. Therefore, to come up to the expectations of the Google, you need to watch the SEO techniques and strategies that you adopted. In this blog, we have shared common SEO mistakes, which most of us do not pay attention to. These mistakes, if not improved well on time can interfere with the search engine rankings of your website.

1. Not optimizing for local search:- If you are operating a company, whose vicinity is limited to a specific city or a region, then you need to focus more on local search. Most of the search engines, including Google handle a different set of keywords for local searches and global searches. Therefore, you must always start your SEO process by targeting the keywords, which are more prominent in your locality rather than globally. Try to include local keywords in the page titles and descriptions on the website. You may also include your contact number and address in the header and footer of the website.

2. Not Making Use of Analytics:- SEO is not only about getting massive traffic back onto your website, but is about conversion. If you have not yet made use of analytics to see the conversion rates, then do it now. Use an analytics package to set up conversion tracking for your keyword phrases. This way you can get to know which keyword phrases are sending you the most traffic.

3. Focusing On Link Quantity Over Link Quality:- While there are many ways you can get a high volume of links, but quality always matters. In contrast to hundreds of bad quality links, the ones from a prominent website or blog does certainly more for the rankings in search engine. Getting a quality link from a prominent website or a blog is harder, but that is the reason why Google relies so much on them.

4. Utilizing Poorly Written Content:- As the famous SEO saying goes, “Content is still the king”. No matter who beautifully you created your website, but if it does not have quality, relevant and unique content, it may disappoint potential web users. Therefore, it is extremely important to have quality, unique and fresh content written on your website. Good content encourages users to re-visit your website.

5. Not Using Right keywords:- Most of the businesses make a mistake of not using the correct keywords. They fall into the trap of using global keywords, while they offer local services, or using keywords, which bring in visitors who have no interest in buying something, or using generic keywords that attract visitors who have no interest in what you are offering. All these mistakes can drastically drop your search engine rankings. Therefore, it is vital for you to conduct a proper research on keywords and using them correctly.

Those were a few common SEO mistakes that most of the businesses end up making. If you are making these mistakes, correct them instantly as it can affect your search engine rankings in a major way. There is a huge competition over the web to secure higher rankings. Follow rightful SEO techniques and strategies to make your website jump to page one.