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Importance Of Using Relevant Keywords

Importance Of Using Relevant Keywords

Keywords play a pivotal role in the search engine optimization process. When a user enters a query in the search box of search engine, it breaks the term and find out pages that has related terms included in order to satisfy his query. Those terms he typed in the search box are referred as “Keywords”. For example, if a user is searching for the best saloons in Los Gatos, he will probably type “best saloons Los Gatos” in search box. In response to it, the search engine will search for the pages or websites that offers related services and produce them as search results.

It is very important to adopt appropriate keywords depicting your business practices. If you want your Youtube videos to be viewed, your website to be found or your business page to be liked, then it is extremely essential for you to use correct keywords so that when a user searches, your website, videos or pages immediately pop up in the search results. In this article, we have explained the importance of using right keywords in SEO process.

1. Focus your efforts:- The chances of grabbing the attention of potential customers are usually higher when your website or business page pops up in the top search results . This can only be done when you are using relevant keywords . If you run a local business, you should focus on targeting keywords that are prevalent in your region rather than global keywords.

2. Keyword density:- After you have chosen a set of relevant keywords, next important step is to decide an appropriate keyword density. The ideal keyword density is 3-7% for the major keywords and 2-3% for the minor keywords. However, depending on the length of the content, it can be re-adjusted. There are various free tools available on the Internet, which you could use to know if you maintain ideal keyword density or exceeding its standard limit.

3. Keyword Placement:- It is essential for you to use the keywords in such a way that they do not appear like stuffed or overused. Stuffing or overusing the keywords, alert Google bots that you are spamming with specific keywords. This could affect your Google rankings drastically. The thumb rule is to make use of keywords in a natural way so that they do not look spammed or stuffed. You could use keywords in the meta descriptions, page titles or meta keywords on your website. However, keywords must be used in creating H1, H2 and H3 headings.

4. Detailed Keyword Research:- Most of the online businesses make a mistake of targeting non-relevant keywords and end up losing potential customers. You should always conduct detailed analysis of keywords.

If you do not use relevant keywords, place them incorrectly and don’t pay attention to its density, your business can get penalties of Google. Therefore, you must always invest enough time in performing keyword research.