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E-commerce SEO Marketing Tips for e-Entrepreneurs

E-commerce SEO Marketing Tips for e-Entrepreneurs

Online shopping is not uncommon now, and hence, lots of shopping sites are available to meet your every requirement. Indeed, you can generate tremendous revenue only, but how if customers cannot find you? SEO is important for your eCommerce store to improve visibility and help you rank high in search engines. The higher the rank, the more traffic get driven to your store.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ e-commerce marketing strategy. Store owners have to meticulously access their site to build custom SEO strategy and action plan to get traffic to their sites.

Here are crucial e-commerce SEO marketing tips:

Don’t Rely on Pay Per Click Totally

Many eCommerce sites invest huge on PPC to create visibility for their store. The truth is that PPC costs continue to go up and once you stop, your online presence will disappear. So, you cannot solely depend on PPC strategy and must include organic SEO practices to sustain your online visibility.

Must Not Use Duplicate Content

Search engines just hate duplicate content. Since, many online stores have a large amount of duplicate content such as product descriptions, lists, etc., they tend to get penalized by search engines.

Build a Robust Content Strategy

Consistently adding high quality, unique content on a regular basis to your online store will not only give you the high ranking but also add value for users. Always use content that is related to products and services that you sell. For instance, if you’re providing products or services to a specific city like San Jose, or cover a state like Bay Area, you must develop content based on targeted geographic area to connect with your potential customers.

Optimize Product Images

You should add related keywords into ALT tags of every image of your online store. Make sure that every keyword you use for an image is directly related. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Upload Unique Meta Description for Every Page

During onsite optimization, many eCommerce marketing professionals think that it’s fine to use same meta descriptions for every page. It’s anti-search engine. These descriptions should be written for humans with an aim to help your store get clicked once it shows up in search engines.

Bonus Tip

If you offer discount vouchers, coupon codes, etc., go ahead, and promote them on coupon sites and forums as well. It will help you with creating free links to your store, and can also get sales.