Common Advertising Mistakes that Small Businesses Make

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business, big or small. Small business usually has limited resources, and niche target, therefore, requires right marketing strategy, resource, and determination. Here are some common advertising mistakes that small businesses often make and you should avoid:

#Over Promotion

Small businesses think that they should be all over the place to kick start the sales. So, they join every social network job board, manage their website, blog, apart from following traditional marketing practices. It could be a big mistake. Small Businesses should choose their marketing place based on their strengths, and how they want their brands perceived.

#No website Update

It is imperative to keep your online profile updated because it informs your customers that you are in business. If you have a blog section on the website, keep that updated.

#Overselling On Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are two social media giants that could help generate leads. You should provide your Facebook followers with compelling content related to your business, instead of overselling your products online. People are less likely to engage with a sales copy and in order to get the right balance in your updates, try the 80/20 formula i.e. 80 % should be social and 20% will be promotional.

# Believing product or service is so good that it should sell itself!

Indeed, some products and services are so good and strong that they could sell themselves. But, it is not until people know about them.

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