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7 Effective Ways To Rank High On Google Maps/Places

7 Effective Ways To Rank High On Google Maps/Places

It is absolutely correct that the majority of users are not willing to usually search beyond the 1st page of search results, especially when it comes to Google Maps listing. This is the reason that every business, these days, highly desires to be on the 1st page of Google Maps listing. In order to fulfill this need, one should simply not focus on just getting the business on Google Maps, instead, on the ways to rank it higher too. Let’s now discover seven essentials to rank your business higher on Google Maps listing.

1. Confirm the information on Google My Business

Let Google know your business as much as possible. It will certainly help to appropriately exhibit your business listing online. Ensure that the listing is correct and complete, including:

  • No duplicate information – The ones having multiple locations or contact numbers mentioned for one actual business are usually discredited by Google. The superfluous should be removed and ensure the information provided is correct.
  • Business hours – Through Google Maps, a user can also get to know whether the service provider is “Open” or “Closed” as well as whether it is opening or closing soon. Including “Business Hours” to the listing can provide the prospective clients the momentum to take your services.
  • Website & contact information – Incorporate every possible contact detail, including website, phone number, and address to make sure Google displays the maximum information to the user.

2. Google Reviews

Another element of credibility can be added to the business through user reviews. Plus, by ranking the brands/businesses/companies – having a significant amount of good reviews – higher on Google Maps listing, Google has acknowledged this verity. Always remember that there is simply no turning back after the business is open to receive the user reviews. The reviews may include both negative and positive as you’ll certainly have no control over what customers say.

Google Reviews

However, it is not all gloom and doom. Statistically, the negative reviews are likely to be nowhere unless the services or products are really atrocious. To embark, copy the link of the Google review, Go to the Google map listing, click “More Information”, and copy the direct link available there. To encourage reviews, this link can be shared via an array of social media channels. Moreover, a landing page can be created on a website that leads straightforwardly to the review form on Google Maps listing.

Moreover, by asking a handful of loyal, trusted clients to post a review for your business, product or service will certainly give you a boost. To rev up the ranking on Google Maps listing, having some positive reviews will be more than enough.

3. Categorize the business correctly

The time Google Maps listing is created initially, you are provided with a choice to add the primary business category, or “keyword” to illustrate the business. Remember, as much as five extra categories can be added. This is what the majority of business owners are not usually aware of. And, all five categories should be used strategically. However, the primary category – “Internet Marketing” for instance – ought to be the key categorization for every business, whereas the rest five are supposed to include local SEO keywords that act as extra descriptors – for instance, Internet Marketing San Jose.

4. Correct Google Map embedding on the website

Embedding the correct Google Map on the website is one of the key factors that help to obtain a high ranking on Google Maps listing. The majority of websites have a Google Map on the “Contact Us” page. It is another appropriate approach to notify Google that the location of your business matches in actual with the one mentioned in the listing. Make sure that the address you have used is the same as the one already been mentioned in Google My Business listing.

Google Map Embedding - Frisco Web Solutions

To entrench the Google Map on the website, make sure to look for your business name on Google Maps. Click on the 3 lines that are right next to the business name and simply click “Share or Embed Map”. Then, simply copy and paste that link on the contact page of your business.

5. Listing description optimization

The character limit for Google Maps listing is limited. So, rather than using an unessential description, make sure local SEO keywords are included that demonstrate your brand or business effectively. For instance, write “competitively-priced San Jose SEO services” or something similar rather than “effective SEO services in San Jose at competitive prices”.

6. Incorporate a local phone number

Remember, toll free numbers such as 877 and 800 are usually not credited by Google due to the fact that such numbers are often utilized for spam. The local contact numbers usually illustrate that the company/business is a brick and mortar location in the vicinity. Just because of this, it is imperative to incorporate a contact number having the area code affixed, matching the exact location. Even though having a toll free number on the website is okay, however, to rank high on Google Maps listing, make sure a local number is used for the Google listing.

7. Adding pictures to the listing

To shine out on Google Maps, adding a picture to Google My Business listing is the most effortless approach. Select an ideal picture of the business that is in the business highlights or the website. Moreover, there is no restriction to add multiple pictures. So, make sure you select the pictures that lure the clients to approach your business.

If you already have a Google listing, but is not delivering the desired results, you can always count on the result-driven services of Frisco Web Solutions. We will certainly help to rank your business or brand on the 1st page of Google Maps/Places.